Syriously? No. 

I Solemnly Swear… thx inspirationfeed #ArryPotter

Loving this abstract identity for Blue Ridge Foundation by the excellent Hyperakt (NYC) #typography #branding #design

Custom typeface for a consultancy. Via Taken By Storm — Strategy & Design

Thermal laptop, thermal card. © Taken By Storm 2013


Shocking: Life is beautiful, Kitchen Knives Installation by Farhad Moshiri

Inspired by the photography of Dutch superstar Erik Hijweege


Yoko Ono and Arata Isozaki - Penal Colony, 2004

Images found at [Yoko Ono Official Flickr]

Wow: ice brick maze.


Don’t Bottle It by Stuart Watson

Venturethree’s Stuart Watson used his poster to argue his case against splashing out on bottled mineral water.

“Being born in Bolton in the north west of England, my character is a perfect blend of manliness and stinginess. My inability to understand why my southern counterparts pay for water is part-financial and part-environmental. 27m tonnes of plastic is used to bottle water worldwide each year all because one in five people are ‘slightly nervous’ or ‘too scared’ to ask for tap water. I say, man up and ask for tap.” 


To produce a bottle of Fuji mineral water and air freight it from China to San Francisco via Fuji requires almost 7 times more water than it holds.


Ohyo are taking tap water to the streets with their cool collapsible water bottle that slips into your pocket.

We’re selling this poster printed on FSC paper with sustainable ink for £10 plus VAT, postage and packing with all proceeds going back to the Do The Green Thing charity. You can buy this one here. 

Amazing paper sculptures open like a festive streamer. Demonstrated by artist Li Hongbo Via @colossal, video by Dominik Mersch Gallery

Loving the Joy-Division-esque illustration style by Noemi Schipfer. Wonderful artist: check

Amazing spacious light installation ISOTOPES by NONOTAK STUDIO

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